Vinyl flooring is perfect for rooms with a heavy use because it is durable, cheap to buy and easy to maintain.

As a leading supplier in Worthing we are proud to offer amongst others: Tarkett; Armstrong; Leoline; Rhinofloor and Forbo. Vinyl comes in tiles and the flooring is laid on smooth flooring, which is level. We use a specially formulated adhesive, made for vinyl flooring, which secures the vinyl in place. We can also wax and buff the flooring in order for it to achieve that statement shine vinyl is renowned for.

Vinyl is a fantastic material because it is so resilient against damage and water and is so easily treated with chemical strippers and buffering.

Vinyl is also one of the most versatile types of flooring which can be utilised. It comes in a huge range of styles and types. Homeowners can choose from wood effect, tile effect, mosaic effect, modern, diamond, single plank and many others. It also comes in a variety of colourings and patterns including black and white cheque like a chess board, patterned, lights, darks, greens, browns and so much more.

It is usually found as a flooring type in kitchens and bathrooms but can be used in other rooms such as lounges, dining rooms, conservatories and some people choose it for bedrooms with the addition of rugs.

We can collect the vinyl, cut and fit the flooring to perfection and remove the old flooring for you.Product Overview

Our customers delight at our prices, professionalism and first class fitting service. We are very competitive, not only with our prices but also with the quality of work we produce, whether this is with our blind fitting, carpeting, flooring or our artificial grass service.

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