For a completely authentic wooden look but without the price tag or the issues which can accompany real wooden flooring, such as dents and scrapes.

Engineered wood is a fantastic product which is quickly becoming a household favourite when it comes to flooring. The product is, as its name suggests, real wood which has been engineered to be more durable and have a greater strength to it. This happens through a pressing process in which one piece of wood is pressed into another at different directions of grain to produce the strength engineered wood is known for. This process also enables the wood to be uniform in size and shape so that it is easy to install; and there is never any “bad” planks because they are all so accurately engineered.

There is a great amount of depth throughout the plank but this isn’t seen by the eye as it is hidden beneath the surface. Instead, the only thing seen in you engineered wood floor is eye-catching and beautifully presented wooden flooring.

Cost-effective and hardwearing, engineered wood is becoming a must for homes across Worthing and beyond. If you live in Worthing and are considering engineered wood flooring then call us today to find out more about this versatile product.