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Which Carpet Underlay Do You Need for a Particular Room in Your Home?

You know the particular quality, style and colour of carpet you desire for a particular room in your home. The next question is which underlay do your require that is best suited for a particular room? With the help of our trusted business partner Tredaire we have provided below a simple guide for your reference:

Key: * = Tredaire star rating

Look for underfoot comfort, probably a 5* or 6* comfort.

Dining Room
Heavy furniture may be moved around, 5* or 6* durable crumb rubber underlay with 100% recovery from pressure indentations.

Master Bedroom
Look for 4* or 5* comfort.

Other Bedrooms
Suggest 3* or 4* comfort.

Staircase and Landing
Suggest 5* or 6* durable crumb rubber underlay due to high traffic.

Laminate Flooring
Suggest 5* or 6* wood and laminate underlay to reduce noise by up to 30%

Natural Floor Coverings
Suggest a double stick crumb rubber underlay.

Underfloor Heating?
Suggest a 5* or 6* (low tog) underfloor heating underlay.

Where wheelchairs or walking aids are used / border carpet?
Suggest a double/single stick crumb rubber underlay.

We are always on-hand to guide you further and answer any of your underlay questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.